Women with Metal Inside!

March 10, 2022

Women with Metal is a woman who is strong inside yet elegant outside. Women of wisdom and relevance who don’t need validation and approval from you. She is the one who respects herself for the choices and decisions. She trusts her gut and does what she believes in.

Truly a Woman who lives by her Dreams without fears, doubts and resistances. 

Women made of Iron who is respecting her fire to be who she is!

But the question here is – How many women live by this standard?

Hardly any!!!

That’s our sad reality. We are alive but aren’t living the life of our dreams, rather we are in an insecure world where we have forgotten our identities and so lost our voice. All the time we are feeling that –

  1. We aren’t good enough!
  2. We don’t deserve good things!
  3. We aren’t beautiful enough!
  4. We aren’t worthy enough to be respected!
  5. We aren’t worthy enough to be loved!
  6. We don’t deserve Equal status.
  7. We aren’t smart enough!
  8. We aren’t confident enough!

The list is just endless, but the crux is that the negative chatter inside me is pulling me down to a dark – hollow pit where I struggle to breathe and succumb to my own sabotages!!!

So what should I do to become a Women of Metal – Who has her own presence, Voice and Identity?

Follow My Principles – R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!


  1. R – RESPONSIBLE – You take 100% responsibility for yourself, which means you do not see yourself or define yourself as per others opinions. Women with Metal inside don’t let others’ opinions affect their self-worth. They determine who they are by taking 100% onus for themselves, their actions, responses, feelings and emotions.
  1. E – EMPOWERED – People see you weak since they feel your sensitivity or empathy is your weakness. But they really don’t know that for a Women with Metal Inside, these are her strengths that take her to the altitude of success. She is empowered with her thought process that despite being vulnerable she holds the grit to navigate through tough situations of life.
  1. S – SECURED – Women With Metal Inside do not compare or feel insecure. They feel secure in who they are, their skin or body type. Many women feel insecure with this thought that their dreams, aspirations and desires can threaten others in their close circuit. So they start to give up on them so that the environment does not get disturbed. But they stay disturbed inside because not aligning with their souls. Women with Metal do not put themselves on fire for others desires. She has the courage to stay secured despite being threatened by the environment as a whole.
  1. P – POSITIVE – Positivity comes when you are exactly the way you want to be. Not being judged or being advised by the society on so-called norms of what is right or wrong as for a woman to do or not to do. This causes us to develop unhealthy gender norms. Women with metal know how to stay positive around such pressures and navigate her way to safeguard her voice, presence and identity. This may be coming with a cost as well that people will tag you and label you. But remember to stay positive since they are speaking their view of themselves in front of you. The tag isn’t you, it is them. Don’t bother and just stay calm.
  1. E – EQUAL – You have equal rights to be who you are. Your inner desire to design your own identity and destiny doesn’t just inspire you but other women as well. So being you, you are providing equal opportunities to the community as well. Stand for a Gender Neutral world!!!
  1. C – CHOICE – It is your choice to be a woman of strength. It is your choice to be a Woman with Metal inside. You live by your own choices and decisions and not by the choices and decisions of others. You might need to workout on your inner strength as the choices sometimes come with a bill to pay as well. But never get deterred with those bills as they are anyways need to be paid either today or tomorrow. 
  1. T – TRUST – Trust your capacities, potentials and gut and grit. Do not judge other women as they might be having their struggles as well. Go for mutual trust building towards making a women community strong enough to rely upon each other rather than feeling insecure from the other woman herself. 

Hey gal! You are a Woman With Metal inside, you are strong to stay true to yourself and embrace your identity as to who you are. Just listen to your inner voice and not outside mindless noise. Embrace yourself! Be kind to yourself! You are excellent the way you are, no need to strive for perfection as that isn’t true as a state as well!!!

Your Views!!!

Kudos To your Identity!

#breakthebias #genderneutrality #womenhood #sheforshe #womenhelpingwomen #sisterhood


Richa Chaturvedi

Richa Chaturvedi

Richa is a certified Empowerment Coach and Strategist, A SHERO, A Teacher, A mother and an Empowered woman. Through her experiences, she knows the power of motivation. She is on a mission to Empower you Sheroes by discovering and becoming better versions of yourselves.

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