Self-Abandonment – A Self Sabotaging Phenomena!

February 22, 2022

“I give to receive nothing, that makes me resent and push some guilt! My feelings to belong despite knowing that they are actually not, I give more to take me to a deep bore” – Richa Chaturvedi

What is Self-Abandonment?

1. Do you demean your own feelings in order to please others?

2. Do you hide your true desires because you feel you can offend others?

3. Do you let go off your things, aspirations and desires just because they don’t like it?

4. Do you avoid to argue because you feel that will make them go away from you?

5. Do you give up on your relationships just because the other person doesn’t like them?

6. Do you have high concern for others and no concern for yourself?

This is called as SELF-ABANDONMENT! Under this condition you are your own sabotage. You hide your true self, wear a pleasing mask but inside you are broken and distorted self-esteem and image.

Signs of Self-Abandonment – 3 Big Warnings!!!

1. Self-Love and Care becomes a Burden and Guilt of this burden is just burying us.

2. You ignore your inner voice, your gut and intuition so as to please others.

3. We start to embrace Bad and Destructive habits.

How do we Overcome this phenomenon?

Through Self-Compassion!

The M-K-C formula to overcome this self sabotaging phenomena.

M – Mindfulness – It is a practice of being aware of your own thoughts, feelings and desires and get alarmed if there’s a slightest of sign of abandonment. As if you fall, there’s no end to your fall. You are then walking marshy and slippery roads. No way you could safeguard your identity. Early detection is the only way to save your energies from deteriorating. Otherwise it is cycle that goes like this –


This cycle goes on in loop mode. Breaking this cycle at the initial loops can help in saving you!

K – Kindness – Act of understanding and stying supportive to one own self. Your Soul requires grit from you. Being Mindful will provide you with that.

C – Connecting inside – Connecting inside is a service to soul. We connect to forgive ourself from this phenomena. We forgive ourselves for mistakes and we take time to heal instead of jumping in to confine in others.

Self-Compassion and Self-Abandonment both are your choices!

Choose wisely what you choose for yourself!!!


Richa Chaturvedi

Richa Chaturvedi

Richa is a certified Empowerment Coach and Strategist, A SHERO, A Teacher, A mother and an Empowered woman. Through her experiences, she knows the power of motivation. She is on a mission to Empower you Sheroes by discovering and becoming better versions of yourselves.

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