Digital Detox

January 29, 2022

Dear Sheroes,

Digital Detox – Offline Mode is On!

“Digital Mode Off – Brain Under Maintenance Shut-Down”

– Richa Chaturvedi

I exist on Meta Cloud – A common issue with all humans.

Do you resonate with this? or Possible you can resonate with this for the current generation who is busy either on social media or discord.

We all are so addicted to our smartphones, smart laptops, and social media that we have forgotten to live on the grounds and have been continuously living on Meta world. 

Digital Detox is the need of the hour for all generations wherein we consciously take a call to stay away from our temptation to operate through our laptops, smartphones and other gadgets. The culmination of this idea requires a lot of self-discipline, commitment and consistency. But it is required for all humans in order to refrain becoming a dumb sitting in front of machines. But just because I am saying this, you won’t believe it! So decide for yourself after seeing these 3 reasons –

  1. Tech-Stress – A research suggests that approx. 91% of Indians are having technology related stress leading to insomnia, fear of missing out (FOMO), depressive symptoms, lack of career motivation, declining mental health and anxiety. This is above the world average of 80%. Just imagine 80% of humans on this earth are having tech stress. Just look at the impact it is having on us. Science and technology is ofcourse a blessing, but if used in limits. It was invented to set us free from mundane tasks, but are we actually free or are we slaves to technology? You Decide!
  2. Constant Connectivity impacts Emotional wellbeing – It impacts our work life balance. Constantly we are checking our gadgets for some notification. Continually disconnecting us from the person sitting in front of us. Constant connectivity isn’t allowing us to disconnect from work and hence we are losing out on life.
  3. Social Isolation – Humans are social animals and need to confine themselves to other humans for holistic wellbeing. Social Media and Technology was introduced to get the world closer, which it did but took our near and dear ones away. Look at people around you, when was the last time you had a candid talk with them. Thinking Hard?
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Digital Detox 2

How To Unplug?

Digital Detox doesn’t mean ‘TODAY NO TECH”, but it means to have boundaries everyday around usage of technology! 

  1. Have Evening Detox – Once out of work, switch off all gadgets related to work. Only Family / Friends mode on!
  2. Try Complete Detox Sundays!
  3. Set Limits like No Gadget during Dinner time, family outing time, 1 hour before sleeping etc…
  4. Turn-off Notifications if you have fear that a notification can drag you back.
  5. No work Email on my personal Phone – Yes, that worked for me. The day I removed official email syncing on my personal phone believe me I am so much in the present moment. If a phone and sim is given by the office, switch it off post your working hours.

Planning to go for digital detox can be really uncomfortable and even the thought can be haunting due to our digital addiction. But starting with small steps can help you get hold of your life again.

Comment Below – How do you plan to go for Digital Detox?

“Plug-Off, Life On!!!”

– Richa Chaturvedi

Richa Chaturvedi

Richa Chaturvedi

Richa is a certified Empowerment Coach and Strategist, A SHERO, A Teacher, A mother and an Empowered woman. Through her experiences, she knows the power of motivation. She is on a mission to Empower you Sheroes by discovering and becoming better versions of yourselves.

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