What’s Your Relationship with Money?

January 28, 2022

Dear Sheroes,

What’s Your Relationship with Money?

“Money and Me – We share a Love-Hate relationship, Love to have more and more, but hate to talk about it!!!”

– Richa Chaturvedi
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What’s Your Relationship with Money? 2

Whenever it comes to the word ‘Relationship’, we think of the human aspect. We never get a thought of having it with MONEY.  Yes you read that right – Relationship with Money!

Relationship with Money is part of your Financial wellness which is a subset of overall Wellbeing, quality of life and relationship you share with others. Believe me as a human we may say that MONEY IS NOT IMPORTANT, but it is indeed an important element that adds value to our life, to our relationships and to our freedom. So why not have a good relationship quotient with MONEY.

How negative perception around Money is formed?

Our perception around money starts from the time of our conception! If we get to hear quarrels, feuds, or any limiting beliefs like ‘Money is Evil’; we start to form a HATE RELATIONSHIP with money. Then this belief system starts to rule our equation with money. And that’s when we develop a negative relationship with money, though it is important for survival, but since we do not consider it as important, we are always struggling for abundance. And experience hand to mouth situations.

How do we rectify our perception?

Like we nurture and cherish our human relations, we need to cherish and nurture our relationship with money as well. Let’s See How?

  1. Respect Money – No relationship can flourish without respect. So start to remove all negative connotations to Money being evil or bad. Respect also means what you do with money and how do you handle it? Make sure you are spending your money wisely.
  2. Money requires Attention – All relationships require you to pay attention to them. No relationship flourishes as being one sided or being used when needed. That’s an opportunist approach. so if you have the opportunist approach towards money, you will always have scarcity. Plan your finances, track your inflows and outflows.  Celebrate inflows, be critical to outflows.
  3. Stay positive to Money – Giving respect is one thing and staying positive is like loving money as your friend and buddy. And like you cherish friendship with your positive thoughts, emotions, feelings and unconditional love, you need to cherish your relationship money on similar grounds. This may sound stupid, but sometimes being stupid in relationship is all. what is required.
  4. No relationship flourishes under Fears – If we are afraid of spending or making money, believe money will never come to you in abundance. Ultimately it is there for our comfort. Use it comfortably but do secure yourself with good investments and emergency funds.
  5. Know Why? – Why do you want money? Which need or want will it satisfy? And once you start to spend the time to think over, you start to attract money for that purpose. That’s the power of the Law of attraction.

Ask Yourself and comment below – 

How we relate to money can tell us much about how well we relate to ourselves? What does your relationship with money tell you?

Richa Chaturvedi

Richa Chaturvedi

Richa is a certified Empowerment Coach and Strategist, A SHERO, A Teacher, A mother and an Empowered woman. Through her experiences, she knows the power of motivation. She is on a mission to Empower you Sheroes by discovering and becoming better versions of yourselves.

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