Competing and Comparing

January 27, 2022

Dear Sheroes,

Competing and Comparing in Desperation is a Disaster

“Who is my competition? Whom should I compare myself with? The life I live, the work I do and the way I pursue my passions is unique in itself!!!”

– Richa Chaturvedi
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This world is a competitive world and we all are busy competing and comparing ourselves to almost every person in this world. Without realizing whether they are my competition or not and whether I should compare myself to them! This is an unhealthy way of exposing our tender mind to stress wherein Comparing and Competing looks like a pressure cooker. We are desperate to get what others are getting, hence, forgetting the uniqueness of our own soul. Forgetting that we are on our own journey and hence can’t compete or compare, because technically there is no one to compete or compare with.

I don’t say Competition or making Comparison is bad, if it is happening at sports ground or in professions like sales, it makes sense. I am talking about comparing and competing in general day to day life within family, friends, social settings and workplaces. Why compare and compete unnecessary in these set-ups where it isn’t required and hence landing up with JEALOUSY! It is somewhere impacting our way of relating with other human beings. We are becoming insensitive to others since we are too self-centered and insecure as we are afraid that someone will outperform us! And this is taking us further into the pit of being Inhuman or rather being Devils. This feeling isn’t helping us to become more creative, create something out of the box, challenge ourselves to reach our goals. 

What is desirable in this situation then?

We Compare and Compete with ourselves, our previous versions and to our future self. This will help us to set ourselves on a journey towards our Growth, Success, Excellence, Abundance and Fulfillment. If we want to become our best version everyday, then we need to start embracing this notion. Notion that we and our journey and goals are unique which no one on this earth can take onus of. When we adapt to this attitude our whole aptitude towards competing and comparing changes.

Steps To Stop Comparing and Competing with Others – R.E.D Technique (Created By Richa Chaturvedi)

  1. R – Realize – You are unique and that if you compare yourself to others, that means others are winning and you are losing.
  2. E – Evolve – You evolve when you compare yourself to your previous or future self.
  3. D – Define – Define the boundaries for yourself and others so that you and they both remain in a healthy and respectful way with each other. Have empathy!

Comment below, What is your experience of being in a competitive environment? Why wouldn’t you compare and compete with your own previous or future self?

Richa Chaturvedi

Richa Chaturvedi

Richa is a certified Empowerment Coach and Strategist, A SHERO, A Teacher, A mother and an Empowered woman. Through her experiences, she knows the power of motivation. She is on a mission to Empower you Sheroes by discovering and becoming better versions of yourselves.

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